For Fall 2016, J. Mendel stays true to the house values of glamour, elegance, and the power of sly understatement. For inspiration, Gilles Mendel looks to the oeuvres of two very different women, Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka and photographer Sheila Metzner, who both created images of glamour, beauty, and timeless elegance. His collection for J. Mendel embraces the rich, bold pigments of de Lempicka and the soft light and calla lily motif in Metzner’s work, drawing together elements of strength, fragility, and a deep devotion to the woman who offers no apology for her desires. Obsessions of the atelier—tensions between tradition and innovation, effortlessness and craftsmanship—are explored through this lens, resulting in a collection that embraces the shock of opulence…
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