F.R.S For Restless Sleepers F/W 2017


  If we were to be magically transported to a Tsar’s court in nineteenth-century Russia, the dazzling halls would surely feature the most beautiful ladies wearing F.R.S, whose sumptuous robes de chambre, eccentrically sophisticated languid palazzo pyjamas, and long opera coats in precious brocades are the object of intense desire. As though released from a literary and romantic fantasy, a Russian dream unfolds in the mysterious atmosphere of the woods, is steeped in the misty horizons of the steppes, glides into the fragrant warmth of the dachas, and is exalted in the spiralling music in the grand imperial halls. This voluptuous and sentimental heart is the inspiration for the winter collection from F.R.S., which celebrates sophisticated and exotic femininity, and is modern in…
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