Alejandra Alonso Rojas Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

With her Spring Summer 2020 collection Alejandra celebrates the strength, beauty, and power of the female figure. To muse is to consider something thoughtfully, as Alejandra’s namesake brand always does.
Starting with the idea of the female muse as a powerful source of artistic inspiration, Alejandra explored the influence that women had in Picasso’s and Dali’s work. Fernande Olivier, Olga Khoklova, Marie-Therese Walter, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque were Picasso’s muses during his life and Dalí made hundreds of drawings and paintings of his everything “Gala”. Each woman deeply and personally affected Picasso’s and Dali’s art and life during their time together.
There are many real-life women that Alejandra considers great muses for this…
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