Christie’s, MNTGE, and The Haring Studio Announce: Keith Haring: ‘Untitled #2 (April 16,1987)’ Available for Purchase as a Vintage Patch


Christie’s is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with The Haring Studio and MNTGE. One of the five never-before-released digital drawings from the upcoming Keith Haring: Pixel Pioneersale has been converted into a vintage patch and will be available to buy online for $39.99 for a limited time. The patch encapsulates Haring’s iconic 1980s imagery, enabled with NFC technology—providing the buyer with a lasting digital proof of ownership.

While the partnership has come together seamlessly between all three parties, in many ways, it is a first for all three companies: it is the first time Haring’s work has been sold as NFTs, it is the first time that the budding fashion+technology company MNTGE has collaborated with a historic artist,…
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